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Back to the Future

Either this house went under some serious remodels or was the hippest, most progressive house in its day because we ain't never seen anything like this from 1937. Sure, the 2,256 sq. ft. interior has undergone a major eco-friendly overhaul and sports a green roof (literally), shiny new hardwood floors, and tons of built in cabinetry that were definitely not part of popular architecture in the early twentieth century. And we're pretty sure that the private decks with views of downtown and lofted ceilings were also a new addition. The only thing we could be convinced that actually existed in the 1930s is the chicken coop, tree house, "bike barn" and garage/shop out back. (Admit it, who was the last person you knew under the age of 50 who had any one of those things, let alone all four...) The price for this confusing green time machine: $415,000.

Listing: 5401 25th Ave SW [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121