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Buy it, Rent it Out

Feeling a little businessy today? Did you read our ditty on Washington State rent laws and feel suddenly feel the urge to be a landlord? Good because this listing is just for you. Built in 1917, wethinks (or rather, we like to imagine) that this Victorian in Upper Queen Anne used to be a boarding home for weary travelers tended by a white-haired widow. Now, it's a 7-bed, 4,536 sq. ft. fourplex which units range from 800 to 1800 sq. ft. The only catch is that there are only two garages with one spot each, so your future tenants are going to have to duke it out on that one. Just think: for $1.28 million, all your high-powered landlording dreams can come true. But maybe the first dream should be to become a millionaire so you can actually afford those dreams of landlording...

Listing: 2 Smith [Redfin]