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Seattle Beauty on Sale!

Do you like pretty things? Good, because we've got a 2,620 sq. ft. house on sale with views that fit the bill quite nicely. Sure, the whole 3-bed, 3.25-bath bit is all well and good, as is the part with the jetted tub, French doors, his and hers walk-in closets, and tons of swank-tastic modern updates. But what really draws us in about this West Seattle home are those killer views! Not just of the water. No, no, my friends. This place boasts three stories worth of views where you can see boats coming in and out of the harbor, the Cascade Mountains, the Space Needle, and the Seattle skyline. Yeah, you can tell your friends that you even have a view from the laundry your basement! And the best news of all? You can snag this pad and all these sweet views for only $799,888, recently chopped from $849K.

Listing: 3566 SW Admiral Wy [Windermere]