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Kick Summer Off The Right Way: In a $6m Washington Park Mansion

It's sunny! You know what that means? You want a pool! And a patio! And a big fancy space to hang out in a bathing suit while you freeze because it's still barely 70 degrees, but you're going to stick it out dammit! Welcome to spring and summer in Seattle. It's truly thrilling. We've found you the perfect place to hang out. It's got 4 beds, 4 baths, and 7,840 sq. ft. going for it. It's in Washington Park, it was built in 1931, and it's a Carl Gould Design. It's also got that fancy backyard and all those swanky interiors -- check out the gallery, for goodness sakes. If you like feeling like you're somewhere fancy like Martha's Vineyard when you're actually in Seattle, you're going to dig this place. The price tag: $5,950,000. · Listing: 1107 39th Ave E [Redfin]