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Gettin' Window Happy

We love new things. Don't get us wrong. But this brand new build in Newcastle is throwing us off. Is it just us or does this place have way too many windows? While we appreciate a house that invites a wealth of natural light to brighten the house, we're similarly confused by a place with so many windows that it looks like it must be a tri-plex housing three families in what appears to be ten-ish bedrooms. Sure, the place is 2,997 sq. ft. and does have 4 bedrooms and 2.75 bathrooms so maybe the windows are justified. Or maybe we should use our imagination and picture how great all the windows are from the inside, considering that there are views of Lake Washington. Or maybe we shouldn't be so absorbed by a house's windows in the first place... How about we just call it a wash and attribute this mild obsession to the trials of Hump Day. Sound good?

Listing: 6621 112th Ave SE [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121