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Micro-House in Cedar Park

We know that living in a 84 sq. ft. "tiny house" is a kind of extreme living that isn't everyone's scene. So we have the perfect rental for those looking to ease into the tiny house life -- the next best thing without going to the extreme (i.e. feeling like you're sleeping in a shoe box). Behold this micro-house in Cedar Park! How "micro" you ask? Try 360 sq. ft. Yep, this house is a 1-bath studio sporting a full kitchen, loft, and a fairly sizable deck and you can rent it for $1,145/month. Sounds steep for a studio, we know, but if you want to make yourself feel better know that a) it's (almost) guaranteed that none of your friends can say they live in a place as cool/unique/quirky as you do, b) you'll probably be saving money because there just isn't the space to house multiple collections of porcelain cows and poultry, and c) you get a whole house to yourself!

Listing: 13018 42nd Ave NE B [CB Bain]