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Even the Laundry Room Has a View in West Seattle

Step right up, folks, and let me introduce you to this little beauty. Fifty-seven years young and doesn't look a day past...well (kicks rockery), let's just say she's a peach. Comes complete with ga-rage and carport and a no-mow landscape. Four bedrooms, all on one floor, and every one a beaut. What am I offered for this little West Seattle mid-century classic? I can see that you're not convinced. Tell ya what I'm gonna do. Just because you're such nice folks, let me take you 'round back for a closer look:

Et voila! Malibu Canyon (north), in your face. Plus a tinkling pond just outside the master, a jasmine-scented path, turnkey landscaping, cliffside gazebo, and patio. Fully modernized kitchen and ensuite master bath. Could you dig a laundry room with a view? (I knew you could.) Bird watchers, bring your binocs. And at the bottom of the hill? Access to the private community beach. If ever there were a home that deserved the “Do not street appraise” tag, this is it. $629,950, at the top of West Seattle's Arroyos. · Listing: 10943 39th Avenue SW [Redfin]