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This place is huge! But so incredibly gaudy! It's a 4,850 sq. ft. villa-looking pad complete with courtyard with fountain; giant, almost melodramatic column-framed entry way, and '80s glamour marble plastered around in the kitchen. Then again, this place does deserve a little credit, as the 4-bed, 4-bath home also has access to a private beach, two wet bars, a sauna, a chandelier, and a fabulous view of Lake Washington. (Okay, fine, technically "Yarrow Bay.") But maybe with a new paint job, some classy furniture, and some new tiling and carpet, this place would be the kind of place that the boys from "Entourage" would kick it in. And only fellas with that kind of money can afford a place like this, because this gaudy goodness is going for $1.895 million.

Listing: 4434 95th Ave NE [Estately]