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X-Ray Home Vision Prank

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We've been duped, Curbed readers. Tricked! Fooled! Punked! What we thought was a cool albeit sketchy app launched by a Seattle real estate company turned out to be nothing more than an April Fool's Day prank. We tip our hats (with our middle fingers) to you, findwell. Well played. Well played. Read on and tell us if you would have fallen for it, too...

Most of us don't have the time or patience to schedule 27 different home tours with an agent and while those Instagram photos look nice, we know that the property isn't constantly awash with romantic shades of muted marigold. Thus, it could be said that we mere mortals may not possess the magical prowess or voyeuristic gumption to see the interiors of all the homes we're drooling over. That is, until now. Prospective home buyers with iPhones, rejoice: there's a (magical) app for that.

Meet Seattle real estate broker, findwell, and their latest iPhone app, xHome. Not only does the magical app say that it can instantly gratify the "mobile home buyer" with property information such as when the house was built, square footage, school district information, listing price, and the like.

But -- and here's what we're really confused/totally wild and crazy stoked about -- the xHome attachment also contests that through the magic of light emissions and some mumbo jumbo about electromagnetic waves, that we can actually look through the walls of a person's home at any time of the day while just standing on the sidewalk. The app gives you real photos of the interior. With color and depth and everything. And you don't even need to be the creepy guy in the bushes with binoculars to find it all out! And it's only ten bucks?! Up top, home buyers!

The jury is out as to whether you can see inside anyone's house or if the house has to be on the market. Or how much visual detail potential home buyers will have access to. Either way, just be warned, folks, that if you like having a tidy house when company is going to be over, you might as well hire a cleaner and keep it spic and span all the time, as now, you'll never really know who's going to "pop in" for a little visit...