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Gig Harbor Going Oasis

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Holy buckets, Gig Harbor! You're really pulling out all the stops these days with your waterfront listings. But this one, this beaut straight up takes the cake. Sure, the exterior is nothing really to write home about, but the inside, oh, the inside we love. Think the sassy class of a home circa "The Great Gatsby" and the modern sleekness characteristic of a Scott Allen design. (Well, if we're really being honest, we're thinking it looks like a modern day mock-up of Titanic. But that might just be us...) Unlike the tri-plex-looking house with an excessive number of windows we discovered last week, this place does it just right, what with the fabulous sun room/solarium and huge floor-to-ceiling windows in the master. (The fact that the windows offer views of the water doesn't hurt either...) And (and!) this place rocks 4,761 sq. ft., chandeliers galore, French doors, a jetted tub, a wet bar, three fireplaces, and a huge terrace/deck with a free standing, vine-covered trellis to really round things off. Only down south would a sprawling house like this run less than seven figures. This waterfront oasis? A measly $845,000.

Listing: 7812 Warren Dr. NW [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121