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You Live Where Again?!: Haunted House or Sacred Church!

Forget about the high-ceilinged, glimmering grandeur of The Sanctuary. If what attracted you to the converted church on Cap Hill was the fact that it was once indeed an actual church, boy oh boy do we have a winner for you! This 6,300 sq. ft. Ballard landmark is "partially renovated" for residential living and -- lucky for you -- still evokes that ever-familiar comfortable mix of spirit-filled haunted house and spiritual place of worship that is commonly associated with churches. Yessiree, you get the best of both worlds in this 6-bed, 3.25-bath "house," as you have stained glass windows, a legit bell tower, and ample "social areas" while also having a place that sports a giant crow (we think it's more like "The Raven"...), mystery abandoned bicycles (that belong to the ghost children?!) sitting atop the awning, and tons of attic space. Whether you think it's a church, a haunted house or (as we believe) a healthy mix of both, you're going to throw $789,000 into that collection basket to snag this place up. A pretty small price to pay considering that you'll have the best venue to throw the rowdiest Easter/Halloween parties...

Listing: 2007 NW 61st St. [Redfin]