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Soft Rock Garage Band (House)

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This house doesn't look like much from the outside. In fact, it doesn't look like much of a house at all and instead emanates a giant garage kind of feel. (Perhaps the kind of place in which your newly formed soft rock band can jam and quietly head bang?) But inside, it's a real 3- bed, 2.25 bath house with modern fixings -- it's 1,916 sq. ft. of pretty! So many windows that invites so much light, white oak hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, and it's a 2012 build (i.e. you won't have to worry if the house has any weird past history or be nervous to find any bizarre, mystery stains...). To softly rock out in this newly built, modern garage-y looking house in the Madrona/Leschi area, you'll only have to fork up about $489,950! Rock on, dudes. Rock on.

Listing: 517 Temple Pl [Redfin]