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Huge Reward for Being a Great Roommate

If you have roommates (and no, your fish, Mr. Bubbles doesn't count...) and like money, listen up: fourth annual Roommate of the Year contest is under way! What does that mean? It means, if you have a great roommate, the rare kind that goes above and beyond for you (i.e. not the ones who subversively terrorize you) then he/she (and you, if they're nice enough to share!) could be eligible to receive free rent for a year plus a whopping $10,000, just for being delightful and all-around wonderful. All you need to do is make a two minute video showing why your roomie is the best and how they shine in one of the four categories: the Environmentalist, the Purr-fect Pet Owner, the Lovable Compulsive, or the All-Star Roomie.

And if your your housemate has a particularly wow-ing "roommate skill," still wants to hear from you. Film your roomie performing said skill in a 30 second video and you could snag a $250 gift card! Money for being your usual, fabulous self? It's about time someone appreciated your greatness! You have until noon EDT on May 21 to work your genius and win some dolla dolla bill, y'all! Do Seattle proud and bring home the dough...and the bragging rights!