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Get Zen on Queen Anne for $2.5m

This 5-bed on Queen Anne is totally boring. Boring! It's got 4,890 sq. ft., a fancy master suite, a big backyard, blah blah blah. Pretty standard shmancy Queen Anne casa, right? Lots of stainless steel in the kitchen, lots of fancy carved molding, lots of hardwood floors? Also, the zen garden out back. Normal Queen Anne stuff, totally. Wait, what? Zen garden? And what appears to be an indoor garden upstairs (but could totally be a deceiving rug)? That makes this place fairly interesting, actually!Fun, right? Of course, it's also got all the normal Queen Anne stuff -- you know, the French doors and porches and fireplaces and all that jazz. You get what you pay for. And you'll be paying $2,500,000 if you want it. · Listing: 356 Galer Street [CB Bain]