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You Can Live in The West Queen Anne School for $200k

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The number of condos being built in former schools these days is fairly startling, but that doesn't mean we're not slightly obsessed with them. (If one of your favorite activities is driving around Queen Anne High School in awe, you understand what we mean.) Whodduthunk you can live in one of these swanky places for $200k, though? Not us. Enter this 1-bed in the West Queen Anne School. It's got newish appliances, a massive walk-in closet, 605 sq. ft. to its name, and the convenience of living smack dab in the middle of, well, everything. (Can you tell we dig Queen Anne?) And like we said, it's very seriously only $200,000. No, really! · Listing: 1401 5th Avenue West Apartment 302 [Zillow]

Queen Anne High School

201 West Galer Street, , WA 98109 Visit Website