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(Five) Million Dollar Listings

Just because we can't (by any stretch of the imagination) afford it doesn't mean we can't gape at the pictures. We've hunted around and found some of the prettiest, most absurdly lavish cribs in the greater Seattle area that are currently on the market. All these pads will run you at least $5 million, but they're free for you to drool over! Grab a bib and happy gawking!

· 1107 39th Ave E. -- Washington Park -- 4-bed, 4-bath, 7,840 sq. ft., $5.95 million
· 217 W. Prospect St. -- Queen Anne -- 3-bed, 3.75-bath, 6,470 sq. ft., $6.75 million
· 47 NW Cherry Loop -- Broadview -- 6-bed, 4.5-bath, 10,274 sq. ft., $5.6 milion
· 1405 SW Shorebrook Dr. -- Burien -- 5-bed, 4.75-bath, 13,350 sq. ft., $5.75 million