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W Seattle Renovation: Fairly Cool, Actually!

Three months ago, the W Seattle downtown closed its downstairs "Living Room," restaurant and bar and started renovating them. Tonight it's back in the game and looks pretty cool, to boot. Behold the gallery above for a sneaky peek. How'd they get this nice overhaul to happen? By partnering with Portland-based design firm Skylab Architecture, obviously. They added a nice Northwest-y spin on the design-focused hotel's initial plans for the project, including 31 floor-to-ceiling totem poles, airplane-esque industrial stainless steel tiles, and textiles inspired by Native American art. (Word to the wise, W: next time, make sure your blown glass is by someone who's friends with Dale Chihuly. Thanks.)

How are they kicking off the grand re-opening? With a bitchin' cool concert, of course.Tonight at 8 pm, LP is christening the space with a performance (complete with cocktails, of course). Don't know who LP is? Watch this commercial. Learn. Enjoy. Doors open at 7 pm. While we can't swing confirmation that it's open to the public, apparently SEATTLEITE has heard otherwise. They said it, not us.

· Skylab Architecture
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