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Local Love for Mother's Day

Friends, gather round -- today we bring you Curbed Seattle's very first foray into retail coverage. Racked Seattle is helmed by none other than Alison Brownrigg. We're very proud to introduce her (and her fabulous retail coverage) to you today. Got fun tips for our in-house sartorial mastermind? Hit the tipline at

While mere days away, we’d be remiss if we didn’t do our own version of a Mother’s Day gift round up (in the form of breaking shopping news) for all us hard-working eight-limbed marvels out there who balance the world on our shoulders while juggling all of life’s necessities for our offspring and ourselves. This is a list even this mother can love:

Jewels: Local jeweler/artist Irene Wood and her jewelry line History + Industry got a major shout out on the Huffington Post this week by blogger Courtney Cachet who mentioned Wood’s wooden beaded Royal Equatorial necklace on her Mother’s Day list. Wood’s necklaces are chunky and vibrant, retro without being obviously so and super, duper hip. They range in price from $140 to $260 and are available online at Wood’s site and at Far4 ).

Shoes: Dolce Vita may be Pioneer Square-based, but they dominate a certain segment of the fashion-world with their on-trend, of-the-moment shoe and clothing line. While they closed their Ballard retail location last year, Dolce Vita has since added another New York store and this month released their newest line, DV8, to much acclaim and commercial success given that many styles are sold-out online almost everywhere. "Inspired by vintage fashions and runway trends, DV8 is a dramatic line that pushes limits, appealing to those with daring personal style," says the press release. With sky-high, gravity defying heels, disco-ball platforms, audacious color combos, stack-soled creepers and be-tassled cork sandals, these shoes are definitely NOT for the faint of heart, shrinking violet or sartorial tenderfoot. Available at Nordstrom and Portland's Solestruck.

Beauty: Celebrity makeup artist Suresh, whose GlossLUXE lip gloss is a favorite amongst local cosmetic addicts, launched his first new product since 2008 this week. Chock full of all sorts of fancy things, like flecks of finely crushed diamonds, rubies, amethysts, yellow garnets, 24K gold and potent lip-plumpers, Suresh's LipLUXE lipstick colors are all named after important men in the life of this bicoastal, Sri Lankan-born and Seattle-raised beauty savant (including talented local tailor Michael Cepress. In addition to the bling, LipLUXE lipsticks are imbued with the heady and intoxicating scent of Royal Jasmine, chosen both for its soothing properties and as an ode to his mother, whose name translates to "jasmine" in English. What a good son! LipLUXE lipsticks are $31 and are available online at