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Mad Men Luxury

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It's one thing to move begrudgingly into a mid-century and and attempt to completely modernize the interior, only to end up with an awkward clash of the old and new. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable instead to embrace the '50s vibe, throw your hair up in curlers, puff on a few cigars, and voluntarily opt to revel in "Mad Men"-style luxury? We think so. That's why we're more than a little crazy about this 1,900 sq. ft. mid-century in Shoreline. Between the in-ground pool and the barbecue-ready backyard; the bold paint color decisions and unabashed use of (almost) shag carpeting, we have to say that we give mad props to the house and its owners. In the '50s, paying $350,000 for a place like this would have been obscene, but these days, it's a straight up steal. Grab your rocks glass of brandy, loosen your tie, and put your feet up as Beau your beagle fetches you the Saturday Evening Post. You're finally home.

Listing: 18527 1st Ave NW [Windermere]