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You Live Where Again?!: (A) Peaceful Place!

We may not have the Hamptons or Cape Cod to which to retreat when we're looking for a little respite from the bustle of the city-livin'. But can any of those East Coasters really say that they live in a peaceful place? We're not talking subjective intangibles here. We're talking more literal, physical location. Translation: Behold a 4-bed, 2.25-bath Craftsman situated on Peaceful Place. That's right -- the name of the street is Peaceful Place. And it makes total sense, as while the interior of the 2,862 sq. ft. house is neither grandiose or lavish by any stretch of the imagination, it does sit quietly on 5 acres of land with an organic fruit and veggie garden out back. But what will put your mind in the most peaceful of places is the price tag: only $397,000! Ah, Zen...

Listing: 4509 Peaceful Place [Redfin]