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Ballin' House

It's getting nice outside! And not the rain with a chance of sun-kind! The real, I-should-put-on-shorts-and-sunscreen-because-it's-warm-out kind! And that means it's time to play basketball! And baseball! And golf! Good thing there's a pad in Bellevue with a putting green, full b-ball court, and batting cage all nestled neatly in the backyard that's up for grabs right now. Sure, the house itself is a nice place -- a 4-bed, 3.75, 6,488 sq. footer on a 1.33 acre lot, but we're mostly interested in the backyard with so many sporty possibilities. And it even looks like the basketball court has lights, so you can hoop it up all night long! The price for all this private court/field time: a cool $2.72 million. Just think of it as an (exorbitant) investment to become the next double (or triple!) sports phenom. That makes it better, right?

Listing: 4015 140th Ave. NE [Estately]