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Herba(li)ceous Heronswood Gardens Up for Grabs

Horticulture fiends, part-time fantasy world dwellers, and general lovers of green, pretty things -- this one goes out to you. Heronswood Gardens in Kingston (Washington, that is) is getting prepped to be auctioned off to the public in a silent, closed-bid auction.

Although we're sure that your mama's meticulously cared for garden beds filled with zinnias, petunias, and maybe a few sunflowers are darling, they don't hold a candle to this 15-acre garden haven. Don't be offended. If your mama's garden was anywhere near as herba(li)ceous as Heronswood -- and we're talking 10,000 plants from over 7,000 species from places like Central and South America, China, Nepal, and South Africa -- believe you us, we'd be giving her a gold star, too. Think of it this way: the quietude of the Secret Garden copulates with the (tempered) diversity of the Amazon Rainforest to produce a botanical garden whose close acquaintance is the Queen of Heart's (British) hedge stylist.

If this is your scene, well then here's some good news. The place is certainly roomy. The estate up for grabs includes three homes, three parcels of land, a two-story office/warehouse building, and more than a few nursery facilities to round it all off. The even better news? The starting bid price on Heronswood is only $749,000, a 58 percent reduction from its previously listing of $1.795 million. Interested? Mull it over, but not for too long. You have until June 15, 2012 to make up your mind to get garden-tastic!

Listing: 7530 NE 288th St.