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Right Round Like a Record(ing Studio) Baby

Bizarre and cliche 80s lyrics aside, we're pretty into this weird-looking round house. Lake Forest Park doesn't really strike us as the type of place people build interesting (for better or worse) stuff like this, but we'll roll with it (pun sort of intended). Seriously, it's a house. It's round. What on earth is going on here? If the 3,920 sq. ft. of space, 4 beds, 4 baths, and 2 fireplaces weren't enough to convince you, you'll be happy to know that this is also a spot from which you can launch a successful music career. That's right: there's a recording studio in the basement. There's also an attached apartment, so if you're more into production you can house any budding star you want right next to the studio while you coach them into creating a masterpiece. Seriously, we're doing you a favor here setting you up with the space. You really ought to include us in the liner notes. The price tag for guaranteed music stardom: a mere $625,000. #&183; Listing: 4034 NE 195th Street, Lake Forest Park [CB Bain]