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Peeking into a House of Whimsy on Capitol Hill

Admit it -- as members of our reality tv-saturated society, we have a penchant for voyeurism. (Hey, we're guilty as charged.) That means that in the real estate world, we love peeking into other people's homes, looking at new listings or perusing staged homes for sale to see how other people and/or we could live. But what we really want, what would really tickle our voyeuristic tendencies is to be able to tromp around a stranger's home. Preferably a local one. So imagine our delight when we discovered Apartment Therapy is allowing us to do just through the beauty of the internet pages! They snapped some photos and gave the run down of this Robin and Clay Martin's playfully decorated, 4,500 sq. ft., four-story home on Capitol Hill. It's the kind of place you might walk past and wish/wonder you knew who lived inside, just based on the casual presentation of a turquoise piano, a mounted longhorn skull, and what we can only imagine being a hanging, daisy-covered light fixture on the porch. We appreciate fresh ideas, a little ingenuity, so kudos to you, folks! And for the rest of us, happy peeking!