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Sanctuary Inside and Out

In four words, here's reason 4,000 (we've given you that many, right?) why we can't get enough of The Sanctuary: fully-furnished deck space. Two of the four remaining properties offer pretty sizable decks/terraces, and word on the street is that both come fully furnished and fully-landscaped! Not just tacky, plastic lawn furniture picked up at a random yard sale for a pittance, but pretty stuff that you (kind of) get for free! That is, as long as you dish out the $819,950 to snag this 3-bed, 2,484 sq. ft. property with a 316 sq. ft. private courtyard. Or if you want something a little larger, you can up the ante and go for a 2-bed, 2.75-bath, 2.952 sq. ft. pad for $60K more and 610 sq. ft. of deck space. And as luck would have it, those are the two of the least expensive homes left at said condo! So hooray! Saving money! "Free" stuff! That makes you feel better, doesn't it?

Listing: 1515 E. Denny Wy #7

Listing: 1853 16th Ave #12

The Residences at The Sanctuary

1841 16th Avenue, Seattle, WA