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A Grown-Up Rental at a Recent-Grad Price

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Let's be honest here: if you just graduated from college, odds are you spent the better part of the last four years living in glorified, beer-stained squalor with you and your (12) closest friends. Armed with your diploma, you're (supposed to be) ready to tackle the "real world" fully equipped with fear, idealism, and a butt load of debt. So congrats to you! Now that you've been kicked out of your parents' house and your dorm, it's time to find a new place to set up camp. Luckiliy we've got a grown-up doozie and a recent grad price. Here's a 3-bed, 1-bath, 1,100 sq. ft. pad on the first floor of duplex in the Central District that's been revamped and ready for pet-less renters to move in. It has hardwood floors up the wazoo, a washer/dryer in the unit, a brick chimney, and brand, spankin' new kitchen appliances. The facade of living a totally responsible adult lifestyle will only run you $1,675/month (split among three people = under $560/month!!), which means you might still have enough dolla dolla bills to pick up a couple of 30 racks of PBR for the weekends! Happy college graduation class of 2012! Set the world aflame and soar like an eagle!

Listing: 932 26th Ave. S. [Craigslist]