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Glorious Garden Life Seen from Space

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This place is no Heronswood Gardens but here's to pretending! Behold a 4,090 sq. ft. estate on 1.8 acres with a full out, hardcore entertainer's garden. None of this small-time, one bed of gardenias business. We're talking landscaped terraces, various shrubbery, stone steps, a gazebo, and a huge, well-lit backyard patio. And with a hot tub, jetted tub, vaulted ceilings, French doors, two fireplaces, and a brand new kitchen, the inside is no chump either. Plus, the outside is so incredibly (and aggressively) well-lit so people from space will be able to enjoy the view of your fabulous house, too! Price tag: $885,000.

Listing: 25920 NE 29th Pl. [Windermere]