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Cruising Craigslist: Up-For-Grabs Apartments!

Behold a sample of the best and brightest of housewares from Seattle's Craigslist. This week, even more apartments! People who need to move by June 1st, get on it!

The place:a one-bedroom in Belltown.
The Price: $1,695 a month.
Use it for: gazing out over the water, housing all of your tall friends (it's got vaulted ceilings).

The place: a three-bedroom house in West Seattle!
The Price: $1,600 a month.
Use it for: being adorable! And housing cats (because it's feline-friendly).

The place: a two-bed on Upper Queen Anne.
The Price: $2,100 a month.
Use it for: soaking up some vitamin D -- it's pretty bright in there. Also, organizing all your clothes -- it comes ready with California Closets.

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