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Faux-Rustic Chic to the Tune of $3.1 Million on Orcas Island

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Orcas Island frequenters, pay attention. You know you want to buy a house up in those parts (and stop staying in weird vacation rentals and bed and breakfast joints), and this is your chance -- if you like faux-old stuff. It doesn't get much more canned-rustic than a house on Rustic Homestead Lane. No, that address is not a joke. It's actually the site of three bedrooms, 4,000 sq. ft. (sitting on 80 acres), and lots of fakey Old-West details spread throughout the place. Theme park-esque stylistic touches include a barn, crazy views, a deck, lots of stone fireplaces and woodwork, porch swings, and a place to put a pitch fork in the family room (since that's obviously totally necessary). Unfortunately, you won't be able to get your horses there easily -- it's on an island, after all. If all that faux-rustic stuff is your cup of (gnarled, old-fashioned, cowboy-style) tea, you'll need $3,100,000 to buy the place. Saddle up. · Listing: 230 Rustic Homestead Lane, Orcas Island [CB Bain]