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The House for Modern Barbie

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If you missed the memo, architectural modernity these days means living in secret rectangular luxury. The rectangular part isn't so much a secret -- this 2012 build in Ballard is a multi-colored building block box house. And with the lack of windows, the place looks more like a scary warehouse than a comfy residence. But the inside looks so sleek! We love the staging, but mostly because it looks so shiny and toy-like! Just picture modern Barbie with her blonde hair slicked back in a ponytail sitting on that black couch after work, heels off, sipping on a glass of pinot gris while picture of a fireplace roars on. And then during the summer, see her with her flowing white sundress and floppy hat throwing a little rooftop party for Ken and her Barbie twins and admiring the fabulous view of the water. Can you see it now? It's a full out three-story, 2-bed, 1,668 sq. ft. house going for $537,950 just staged and made for 21st century Barbie! Welcome home, doll!

Listing: 3404 NW Market St. [Movoto]