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Condos (for one) For Sale...On Sale -- May Edition

As we bid May adieu and more than eagerly await the daily sunshine promised by the arrival of June (that's a thing, right?), we've compiled a short list of condos with at least one of the following: a) an excellent view, b) sweet outdoor areas, and/or c) gorgeous interiors. (After all, we all need a contingency plan for those could-happen rainy summer days...) And as an extra perk, if you're feeling a little lonely and can't find a roommate, the first listing may or may not come with ghost girl and ghost dog, but that has yet to be confirmed. Ready yourself for summer -- it's coming!

· 3121 Franklin Ave E #31 -- Eastlake -- 0-bed. 1-bath, 512 sq. ft., $169,950
· 3333 Wallingford Ave N #208 -- Wallingford -- 0-bed, 1-bath, 561 sq. ft., $161,500
· 3933 S. Pearl St. #3 -- Columbia City -- 1-bed, 1-bath, 670 sq. ft., $134,000
· 9520 Rainier Ave S. #103 -- Rainier Beach -- 0-bed, 1-bed, 487 sq. ft., $139,900
· 4310 Dayton Ave N. #203 -- Fremont -- 1-bed, 1-bath, 600 sq. ft., $188,500