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Cruising Craigslist: Last-Minute Apartment Edition

Behold a sample of the best and brightest of housewares from Seattle's Craigslist. This week, even more apartments! You have two days to move, June 1st-ers!

The place: a 4-bed on North 86th Street!
The Price: $2,495 a month.
Use it for: proving you're an awesome tenant -- you need three past landlords' references.

The place: a 1-bedroom in Leschi
The Price: $900 a month
Use it for: chillin' in the sunshine! There's a patio.

The place: a 3-bed on Queen Anne
The Price: $2,700 a month.
Use it for: living with pets, since they're super welcome! Also, spreading out -- it's a full 2,000 sq. ft.

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