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Snoqualmie Swank Tank

Snoqualmie, when did you decide to go and get all fancy on us? Not fancy by Sno-Sno standards, but straight-up swanky! Check out this 5-bed, 3-floor, sprawling 6,140 sq. ft. home overlooking a golf course and lakes in the distance. And don't forget the private deck, hot tub, projector screen, picturesque patio with built-in grill and gas fire pit, vaulted ceilings, and four -- count 'em four! -- fireplaces! Even though it's way out in Snoqualmie, this kind of luxury still isn't cheap. Sure, it's $1.199 million, but we can't bring ourselves to get up in arms on this one. This swank tank has earned the right to be a little expensive.

Listing: 7030 Cascade Ave SE [CB Bain]