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Clucks and Fries and Real Estate

Eater crossover alert! Red Robin, founded right here in the Pacific Northwest, is the brainchild of Gerry Kingen. He's also responsible for Salty's, where you've probably gone on Mother's Day or something somewhere along the line. Another one of his brainchildren: this house on Fauntleroy. It's apparently always in the sun, if its listing photos are to believed. It's a 4-bed with 6,130 sq. ft. going for it. It's got a really crazy awesome pool (with an original cabana built in 1927), a carriage house, and 174 feet of shoreline, along with lots of fun nautical touches that have been added over the years. It's going to cost you, though: this guy costs $18,000,000. The seafood business is apparently pretty good these days. · 9345 Fauntleroy Way SW [CB Bain]