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Penthouse Living on the Ground Floor

Joys of living in a penthouse: sprawling square footage, fabulous views, and the right to casually drop lines like "I'm having a little get together after the party at my penthouse. You should join!" at any given moment without being a complete prick. This place out in the Lake Sammamish area may not be a penthouse by definition, but as a 5-bed, 5-bath, 5,729 sq. ft. lakefront house, this swanky pad has tons of room to pack luxurious add-ons to make you feel like you're living on the top (floor) of the world. Think hot tub/spa, two fireplaces, a sizable wine cellar, French doors, a wet bar, a second kitchen, an elevator, three balconies, and unobstructed views of Lake Sammamish. And as though to make up for the fact that this place isn't actually a "penthouse," this home squashes any potential comments of inferiority with its exterior features. Ask your penthouse-owning friends if they have a private dock, a fire pit, a patio, or a Zen garden that they can boast of where they live. And after you're done politely informing them of all the cool things you have, you can also cooly mention that this place is only costing you $2.85 million. Way to ignore semantics and get more bang for your buck.

Listing: 804 W. Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE [Estately]