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Score Alice in Chains' Sean Kinney's House in Burien for Under $1.25m

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Hey, you Alice in Chains fans: Drummer Sean Kinney's former hideaway is on the market. Just wind your way west of Burien, and behind some locked gates is the proof that Sean didn't want to be just another man in the box. Kinda down in a hole, it's a secluded place to get away from the daily grind.

Sure, it might need a bit of a facelift, to regain its original charm...

but with over three acres there's plenty of room for updates, rebuilds...maybe even a rooster. Usually I stay away from high-bank waterfront, but there are no excuses for hesitation--especially with the little bit of heaven beside you: A lush conservancy greenbelt right next door. So pull up a chair in the ballroom and set down them bones. (Speaking of bones, you're just a clavicle's toss from the former home of true-crime author Ann Rule—which is also on the market.) The price tag: $1,249,000.