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Home for Your Gnome

The fight for gnome rights is over! Finally, we've found owners who treat their garden decor/protectors with dignity and respect by building them a small abode. This humble home sits on a 6,570 sq. ft. lot, sharing it with a slightly larger 4-bed, 1.75-bath mid-century in Maple Leaf. Though small with no apparent security system,one can rest well knowing the shack and its inhabitants are safe, as the larger estate has a plethora of windows facing all directions and a large deck overlooking the backyard. And someday, perhaps when the owners have time, the gnome home may also get the new hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen, and even a wood-burning fireplace that the "real" home has received. So free your gnomes and give them a home...for free! (That is, after you buy the larger estate for $469,950.)

Listing: 9508 17th Ave NE [Movoto]