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Your Light Rail Watch for the Week of May 28th-June 1st

Without further ado, we present your weekly update on Seattle's most unending, earth-shaking, tunnel-tastic infrastructure.

Construction status: rolling along... in the rain.
Tunnel borer that's the most badass: wheeeee they're over halway done, so all of them are awesome!
Is Federal Way getting a station: Please, don't get your hopes up.

And now, all the news that's fit to reblog:
· Did you see the SIFF film that was shot at the Light Rail construction site? [BHB]
· Oh hey, hole in the earth that wasn't caused by Light Rail! We think... [CHS]
· More talk on gentrification as it pertains to Light Rail. [STB]
· Talk transportation on Beacon Hill next month. [BHB]
· That arena study isn't actually answering too many questions... [ST]
· Pretty much nobody likes that Northgate parking plan. [P-I]