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Check Out This Paint Job on Queen Anne

It's not often one comes across a classy house on Queen Anne with a totally psychedelic twist, so sit up and pay attention to this guy, people. It's a 4,000 sq. ft. 4-bed on Bigelow Avenue North, it's got a hot tub and a garage, and it boasts some great views of the city, but that's not what really makes it stand out. Despite being built in 1921, it's got some pretty groovy updates -- namely, the paint job in the bathroom. Seriously, check that guy out. If it's not your style, no worries -- there are 2.75 baths throughout the house, so you have a lot of other opportunities to do your business with a normal paint job. Add to that a media room and an elevator and you've got yourself a pretty killer spot. The price tag: $1,850,000. · Listing: 1606 Bigelow Ave N [CB Bain]