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A Fish-Eye Lens From a Live-In Fishing Spot for Under $200k

It's not often a houseboat looks, well, more housey than boaty, and this one's made even more a doozy by some impressive photographic techniques employed by the listing agent. Want to make a 2-bedroom, 675 sq. ft. houseboat look even bigger than it already is? Use a fish-eye lens, of course! (Okay, that may not be the best technique.) Regardless, this houseboat comes ith two built-in beds, two bedrooms, hardwood floors, a registered slip, and two floors. Better yet, it's officially a "house barge." For reasons unbeknownst to us, that means you won't have to pay sales tax. Wheee! The price? A totally doable $165,000. Done. · Listing: 2401 North Northlake Way [Zillow]