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The West Coast Sound of Music House

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Behold the modern-ish day, West coast version of the Von Trapp's residence of the "Sound of Music"! Sure, this 7-bed, 6.75-bath home in The Highlands area isn't quite enough to accommodate the Captain, Liesl, Friedrich, Brigitta, Kurt, Louisa, Marta, Gretl, and Maria like their Austrian palace, but those kids also didn't have a private in-ground pool or tennis court in their backyard either. And you could do "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" in the pool house cabana/gazebo and get into musical shenanigans around fruit trees on the 2.32 acres! So many of our favorite things...except that it's $3.95 million, chopped from $4.25 million -- still just a smidge out of our price range. But to live every day in musical bliss? Priceless!

Listing: 39 NW Cherry Lp [Redfin]