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Would You Rather... Eastside Edition

Let's play a little "Would You Rather," shall we? Here are a few more-than million dollar listings -- you tell us which you would pick. That is, that's assuming that you're richer than Oprah, thus having the luxury to dabble in said game. (Full disclosure: we can't help but be totally biased on this one...we're obsessed with one of them.)

Option Numero Uno

Here's to waterfront classiness: A 5-bed, 4-bath home sitting on 1.17 acres with pretty features like a winding staircase, skylights galore, tons of hanging chandeliers/light fixtures (and we mean tons!), four fireplaces, and what looks like an excellent wine cellar (or medieval-feeling stone room). And it has NanaWalls -- those sweet window walls that totally open up so your house effortlessly blends the indoors and nature! All yours just a mere $10.8 million!

Listing: 3918 Hunts Point Rd. [Redfin]

Option Numero Dos

Check out this 10,040 sq. ft. big dog just a few miles away on Lake Washington that rocks an indoor pool, wine cellar, three fireplaces, a jetted tub, a second kitchen, a deck, a dock, a greenhouse, and (our personal favorite) a built in bookcase suspended in the ceiling! Like "Beauty and the Beast" style! Classy cozy for about $1.5 million less -- we're talking $9.3 million (for all you who aren't math majors out there...).

Listing: 4444 95th Ave NE [Redfin]

So what say you, Seattleites? Which multi-million dollar Eastside listing would you prefer?


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121