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Stalk the Top Chef Team in Redmond for Just $10k

So it's not quite official, but we're getting Top Chef. That's right, ladies and gents -- look forward to geoduck challenges and coffee-flavored quick-fires. The word on the street is that the contestants will work out of a kitchen in a warehouse in Redmond, which means stalkers will need a place to stay. Check out this guy -- it's a 2-bed right in town with 2 baths and 1,440 sq. ft. Add to that a covered porch and room to park, and you've got the perfect place to plot your Padma chasing and park your creepy white van. The catch: you've got to be over 55 years old to live there. Yeah, it's a 55+ community. Still, this sucker's only $10,000. You read that right. Run, don't walk. First to here, then to Whole Foods to stake your claim. · Listing: 18425 NE 95th Street #173, Redmond [CB Bain]