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Two Lake Forest Park Wrongs Make a Right?

Who would have ever thought that the use of a jarring color scheme and an overabundance of reclaimed wood could turn out so nicely? That's what we have in this remodeled 5-bed home in Lake Forest Park. The color blocking idea wasn't necessarily a bad one for this 4,022 sq. ft. angular house, but while choosing mustard and a deep lavender was a risky move at best, the color combo manages to somehow be more intriguing than off-putting. Step inside and welcome to the wonderland of hardwood! Between the floor, the cabinets, and the wooden furniture, there's so many tree-made materials, too so little time! But considering the views of Lake Washington from the many windows in the house, maybe it makes sense that this place is going for $699,000.

Listing: 3550 NE 147th St. [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121