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More Top Chef Stalkage Downtown

This week, Top Chef stalking planning continues (though nobody's officially confirmed anything...) with some scouting out of Whole Foods locations. Downtown, you're looking at 9th Avenue and Westlake, and true fans know you'll need to live nearby to efficiently stake a claim somewhere in the vegetable section. That's why this 1-bed downtown is perfect -- it's literally across the street from the store, which makes it ideal for peering down with binoculars to see when large, chef-laden buses pull up. It's 891 sq. ft., but somehow only has .75 bathrooms -- a drawback, to be sure. But hey, walk-in closet and Sub-Zero! You win some, you lose some, right? The price tag for a primo stalking location: just $545,000. · Listing: 820 Blanchard Street #1901 [Redfin]