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Would You Rather...Capitol Hill Edition

Capitol Hill has gained its reputation as being a renting-happy 'hood. So who would have thought that multi-million dollar, regal homes were up for grabs for one lucky multi-millionaire to snag and call their own? Assuming you have that kind of cash just tucked away under your mattress (don't worry, we'll never tell), which would you pick?

Option One

Here, let us help you pick your jaw up off the floor. This exists on Cap Hill and it isn't where Elle Woods and all her sorority sisters have mixers and pillow fights? This 6-bed, 9,020 sq. ft. home boasts nanny's quarters, a second kitchen, sauna, French doors, a whopping five fireplaces, a deck, gazebo, and a swanky fountain in the backyard to add to the elegant ambiance. To top it all off, this place comes with fabulous views of Lake Union and the Puget Sound. Price tag: $3.199 million.

Listing: 1117 Boylston Ave E. [Windermere]

Option Two

Behold an early twentieth century Tudor (a Harvard-Belmont Tudor no less) that is schmancy through and through. This 5-bed, 4.25-bath residence may not have all the bells and whistles that its competitor does, but makes up for it in its classy design. Gleaming hardwood floors, meticulously crafted plaster ceilings, chandeliers, and detailed woodwork galore make this 6.810 sq. ft. place worthwhile. That, and it has a new, top floor studio that comes with two additional offices, just in case you want a break from the formalities and want to kick it in the "penthouse." There may be no view of the water, but this place is also about $700k cheaper, ringing in at $2.499 million.

Listing: 803 E. Prospect St. [Trulia]