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Rent This Crazy House, Crazy Garden, and Crazy Closet for $3,500/month

So you want to live in a vintage Capitol Hill house with a crazy garden and three bedrooms, but you don't want to buy one? You know, because you can't actually afford to do something crazy like that? You're in luck, chief. This 3-bed was build in 1905 and is pretty killer. It's got 2,900 sq. ft. to its name, an insanely cool updated kitchen, an upstairs space that's currently staged as the best closet ever, 2 bathrooms, and a garden to write home about. (If you didn't, you know, live here.) This is really a catch, people. Jump on it. The price tag is just $3,500 a month, so gather a few roommates, a security deposit, and get rolling. · Rental Listing: 1018 East Thomas Street [Zillow]