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Mossy Christmas Everyone!

Love nature and bright colors? Perfect, well step on into this 2-bed home in Beacon Hill. While the majority of this 2,120 sq. ft. home looks standard if not ordinary, there are two rooms that are certainly memorable for paying its homage to the outdoors and...the color red. So convincing is the mossy color of the carpet in one of the bedrooms that we can't for sure rule out that perhaps it is actually well-tended moss. And to keep things nature-oriented in the basement, enjoy peacock drawings/decals on the wall and green wallpapering on another. It exudes a nice balance to the red bar top, red floor, and with the lighting, red-tinted hardwood walls. The spirit of Christmas lives year-round down here! The price of feeling like you're living outdoors (during Christmas!) in the confines of your own home: $225,000.

Listing: 2410 S. Ferdinand St. [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121