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A Lower Queen Anne Condo for Much, Much Cheaper Now

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Okay, so you can't quite swing the condo we showed you earlier -- a price-chopped condo at $700k still costs $700k, after all. Try this on for size instead -- it's located in the same neighborhood, just as closed to likely-to-be-abandoned Key Arena, and so, so much cheaper. A 1-bed that's got 697 sq. ft. going for it, this guy's location is pretty primo if you're, say, a Storm fan (we're not being facetious -- Sue Bird is a badass), like history (it was built in 1907), and need a lot of cabinet space. The downside: parking going to be a little rough. You win some, you lose some. (If you're the Storm, you win some championships, actually. Think about that.) This guy's $137,900. (Which is more than most WNBA players make in a year. Seriously guys: the Storm. Get on board this bandwagon.) · Listing: 7 Harrison Street Apartment 28 [Zillow]