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This is how the Big Boys Design Lincoln Log Homes

We were entirely unaware that Lincoln Log-style homes are apparently all the rage in regions (north)east of Seattle. Except this time, the full-sized, play toy home was not erected by a proficient 8-year old just whiling away the time on her parents' floor, but perhaps instead a prodigious tween with a flair for chic wilderness design. Although this 2-bed log cabin in Snohomish sports fewer actual rooms, its 1,628 sq. ft. layout and two-story design leaves ample open space for a loft, a balcony, a sun room, a solarium, and most importantly, a hot tub! And if that's not enough room for your to live wild and free, enjoy spending time in the carriage house, the 4,000 sq. ft. shop, or really anywhere on the 6.86 acres that comes with the place. Oh yeah, and did we mention that there's a grill in the backyard built in the shape of a wishing well? Genius, 12-year old architect -- pure genius! All this Lincoln Log splendor can be yours for just a skosh more than its baby brother in Fall City -- $450,000.

Listing: 8420 172nd St. SE [Zillow]